Tuesday, November 22, 2005

bring on the dressing!

its no secret that gluttony-fest 2005 is just a few days away. yours truly will be traveling up to asheville, nc, towing dressing, gravy and sweet potatoes for a fun filled time with 30+ of dear family. i thought that i might have the chance to host this motley crew in my home again this year, but when my mom and step-dad said they couldn't make it because they were going to have nearly a full park (they own a recreational camp ground just outside of ashe-vegas) i decided that just wouldn't do. its true mom and ron don't have room for more than 2 or 3 guest inside their humble mountain dwelling, but i convinced them and the rest of the family that the spacious picnic-like shelter draped with thick plastic and warmed by chimeneas would be the perfect place for this price (of the price's chicken coop) clan to have a little turkey. so apple pies, mittens and puppies all in the car, should be a big time.

on a side note, i made off with a pre-release black market edition of creative loafing last night from the mint museum. doesn't hit the stands until tomorrow, if you want to be cool and know what's going on before everyone else, its gonna cost you.

oh and there will likely be pictures of tcf's new sassy red hair up soon, so stay tuned.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

sugar and spice

by popular demand, here is where you can create your own cool south park character like mine in the previous post.

so the football game was wonderful, clemson took an early lead and beat florida state 35 to 14. i love college football, ok, mostly just clemson. even if it means tailgating at 8am, its definitely worth it.

i haven't posted much lately, i've been busy here and there. a lot has happened. i had several clients die recently which was totally sad, the campaign to end aids rally stopped in charlotte, i spent last weekend in atlanta for a little mini vaca and a thomas the tank engine and friends themed 3 year old birthday party. work continues to wear me down, with constant conflicts and uncertainties, so i'm considering a little change of scenery. being the emotional shopper that i am, i've made several noteworthy, however emotionally catalyzed purchases. first being a pair of earrings. now i know that it doesn't seem like much, but i almost never wear earrings, but did recently to a fundraising event for work and to my surprise received much encouraging feedback. so i'm trying to make an effort to wear them more. maybe it will make boys like me, we'll see. in a more recent and obviously more desperate (read:expensive) attempt to spend away my blues, i purchased a new christmas tree. for the last few years i'd been using a small pre-lit model, but gave it to my darling mims when she left for florida. no lie, literally with tears in my eyes, i spent an hour trying to decide which artificial tree to invest in. finally deciding on a full foliage, seven-footer from target. i opted for the non-prelit variety, because i couldn't decide between white or colored lights, and prelit options are really quite a commitment. you know why women usually decorate the christmas tree? because if a man did they would want to change between colored and white, blinking and non-blinking, mini and jumbo lights at least twice a day. (yes, read in between the lines for not-so-subtle rants of bitterness). maybe its just the cold weather or the shorter days, but i'm feeling pretty lonely lately. i was recently solicited by an m.o.s. (member of the opposite sex) having these same feelings. this individual expressed his loneliness and then asked me to come over and hang out (specified, no sex), because he doesn't like to be alone. (well, duh no does all the time) and really, i try to be sympathetic, but i just don't know if i can let my body and mind be used just to fill a void, without the slightest indication of wanting more [of a defined relationship, not sex]. what am i? a one cuddle-slut? its just not my style. i don't get it. am i alone in this?

ok, enough of that... the good news is thanksgiving is next week, yay for dressing and more football! and just a few weeks after that the lovely tlmc will be coming to stay. i am soooo looking forward to that. and you might notice that i have a new reader (two if you count the troll, whom i love and miss dearly!)

that's all for tonight, send flowers and nice thoughts this way, in the meantime i'm going to have another truffle.

Friday, November 11, 2005

a self portrait

if the girl next door is a superhero was a character on south park.

tomorrow at 5am i'm leaving to head to clemson to see the tigers take on florida state. i've packed the fridge full of tasty tailgate food and beer. our friends are in from italy just for the game. should be a good game. i'll be sure to fill you in on it later.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

trick or treat!

can you guess which is which? just kidding. that devilish delight is my old roommate and very bestest friend miriam, aka, mims, hooker, tlmc, and pookie. this picture is a little dated, as mims is now a ravishing brunette, something she took on recently upon entering law school. that doesn't mean she doesn't sport lots of pink and blow the curve on legal writing assignments in true "legally blonde" fashion... she just happens not to be blonde anymore. i'm dedicating this post to her mostly because i miss her tremendously. its quite amazing, we're very different but have been almost inseparable for 7 years now. just yesterday i had to sign up for my time off work over the holidays. i knew mims was going to be around (or at least in the state), and so i frantically had to get a hold of her, and her in turn contact her parents to see exactly what time the fam demanded of her holiday break. much to my excitement but not surprise, they told her that she might as well just stay with me, and come home for christmas. yay! we made grand plans about road trips and nights of endless debauchery. now whether any of them come to fruition or not, remains to be seen. i would be perfectly content sitting on the couch in cozy pajamas all day, giggling about boys, laughing at dub-ya and maybe occasionally getting all dressed up to go to target.