Wednesday, August 30, 2006

lay me down in a field of flame and heather

last night i went to the counting crows concert with luke and his girlfriend cassie. it was amazing. the counting crows are one of those bands that i could listen to 24/7. from upbeat-happy to sexy-spiritual. it reminded me of my earlier years when a good praise chorus from the christian rock band, third day, could send me spiraling into a fit of singing, waving and crying. it might be the words that speak to my heart, it might be the loud, overwhelming music or the energy from the masses of people, with the counting crows, it was all 3. it was definitely a concert for the true fan. they steered away from their more popular radio played hits and played songs that only people who listened to the whole cd would know. luke and i sang every word and motioned to each other during funny lines that reminded us of each other like "we spent all day getting sober", something luke and i have had shared many times.

it was a little creepy that my ex, stephen was there. i haven't seen him in over 3 years. i never saw him, but he saw me, he said. he knew what i was wearing and where i was sitting, so he informed me via text messages. after a few polite declines to meet him at the beer stand, i just ignored him, not having the will to just tell him to fuck off as miriam suggested.

i just found out i have a 3 day weekend. hallefreakinglujah.

Monday, August 28, 2006

a very fun weekend in the atl

besides the 4 hour ride with pops on the way down, during which i was forced to listen to rush limbald and various other forms of talk radio where old men yell at each other about minorities and football, i had a fabulous weekend in atl.
saturday morning we went for a fun filled trip to ikea. my ikea virginity. i bought a small assortment of kitchen accessories and several decorative pieces. it was a good time.
then we ate lunch at the varsity.

everyone had a good time.

dominic even got his own icecream cone.

d and i played yegos and bob the builder (notice the absence of a picture of me wearing fun yellow hard hat)

then we ate my birthday cake, 4 layers of chocolate cake, soaked in amaretto, layered with dark chocolate and stawberries soaked in chambord. and then more chocolate. it was yummy.

the end.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

just for kicks

Emily: married, with kid
Erica: married, pregnant
Kim: married, pregnant
Steven (cousin): married
Bekah: serious relationship, talking about marriage
Nate: married
Rio: married
Jenny: married
Amelia: married
Kristin: married
Celeste: married, 2 kiddos
Matt (ex): married, 2 kiddos
Jon (ex): married, kids?
Seth (ex): married
Stephen (ex): married twice
Amanda: married
Megan (co-worker): married, kid
Victoria (co-worker): engaged
Erin (co-worker): engaged
Becky (former jr. world saver): serious relationship
Kimi (former jr. world saver): engaged
Lauren Hill (former jr. world saver): married
Andrei (cousin): married to McCamy
Luke: serious relationship
Miriam: fabulously single
Me: ha!

conclusion... you're smart, you figure it out.

UPDATE: DISCLAIMER... dear friends, I do not define you (nor myself) by relationship status. i was merely making an observation/classification, for research purposes only. i love you all. (oh and yes, Kristina is also single, but if I included her and Carol, it throws off the punch line)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy birthday miriam!

today, we honor the birthday of my very dearest friend. through thick and thin, times of wealth and poverty, sickness and sanity. i can't believe that its been 8 years since we met, even though we weren't really friends at first. miriam lived above me in our humble dorm at g.dubb. it wasn't until the following year that we really became friends. back then, a six pack of beer could get us both shitty all weekend. the gym was ours to conquer every morning at 6:00 and rio and nate rounded out or inseparable foursome.

our junior year of college we bonded over psychosis. sometimes ours, incessant spying on the hot football players that lived downstairs. sometimes the illness belonged others like a narcissistic roommate or a hotheaded ex-boyfriend of mine. miriam was even attacked by a crazy goose, and suffered the loss of her favorite flip-flops.

just before our senior year of college we both turned 21. we learned a valuable lesson. a fifth of vodka didn't cost $20. she forgave me for barging in on what was almost a kiss from the man of her dreams. the year our closets were full of sequined halter tops and tight black pants, was the same year her feminist tirades really began to emerge.

i've hardly ever cried so hard as the day after we graduated and drove away from the place that brought us together, wondering if we'd make good on the promises to visit and call often. it was only a few months until my begging convinced miriam to come live in charlotte with us (luke, luke, and i). four people in that apartment was way too many, but boy, rent was cheap and living was good. that year, the girl who had been home-schooled nearly her entire life, took a job teaching public high school. we laughed and cried and she gave indignant speeches solving all the worlds problems while we stayed up until after 2 am making christmas candy bags for her 140 students.

the next 2 years miriam and i lived together, just the two of us. the true test of friendship. neither one of us having the ovaries to be particularly confrontational, we solved our problems the way all strong women do, we sent a few emails and pretended it never happened. and granted, mims isn't the cleanest person i've ever known, but i've seen her spare a bugs life and set it outside to freedom, carry a lost box turtle from the middle of the road down to the creek and even rescue flies from drowning in the swimming pool. she bravely took on a roach after i locked them in the bathroom together. she solves all of the worlds problems like republicanism, war, poverty, hunger and men over a cup of fat free, sugar free hot chocolate. i love that she makes cd playlists with showtunes, metallica and tupac. i'm afraid i'm often a disappointment to her when she's looking for a good argument. while we don't always agree, i've never known anyone with more conviction for what she does believe. she's too humble to admit it, but she's touched hundreds, probably thousands of lives. her brilliant mind should be advising the world's top leaders, but she's dedicated years as a public servant, teaching public high school and spent two summers volunteering her time to provide free legal help to society's downtrodden.

i consider her special brand of philosophy--compassionate feminism with cleavage. i have no doubt that one day she'll ban meat from the white house while wearing a low cut pink t-shirt and flip-flops. and i'll still be so proud to call her my friend.

happy 22nd birthday pookie.

(pictures to follow, blogger isnt cooperating right now)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

destin, by camera phone

exhausted. suburned. broke. but i finally got all of the sand out of my bathing suit.

here are a few pictures, from my camera phone, i havent downloaded the digital camera yet. more to follow.

Friday, August 04, 2006

leave a message at the beep

this afternoon miriam and i are off to florida. a quick stop in tally to help mims pack, and then we plan on spending a whole lot of time doing nothing in destin, fl.
thats a picture, a real life picture. not digitally or color-enhanced. the sand is pure white quartz and the water is clear. its nickname, the emerald coast is well earned. dont be jealous. do send love.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

riddle me this

its no secret that i'm not cool. my lack of knowledge of pop-culture, my love of npr and my complete disregard for fashion often lend me to being an outsider. maybe i'm just too overrun with logic to care. i wont spend $80 on a purse, period. now, every red (and blue) blooded american female seems to own a fancy vera bradley something. since these handmade-looking, quilted bags and purses hit the scene, i have been baffled as to their appeal. as any good church going southern girl can tell you, they look just like those hand-quilted bible covers your grandmother made and gave you for your 8th birthday. personally, i think that vera bradley must have grown up a good southern baptist. she got a good deal on all the left over quilted-bible-cover-making material, made a few purses, sent them to a few hollywood socialites (who obviously did not grow up good southern church goers), and voila! instant fashion trend. everytime i see someone carrying one, i want to ask them if they keep their precious moments bible in there. you tell me.
vera bradley

bible covers

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

birthday update

am i old enough to retire yet? this working stuff is the pits!

thursday night i went out with mims and a few friends from work to see simplified play at hickory tavern (i know! up past 9pm on a week night! who knew?!?!) clee (simplified's lead singer) bought me a shot after the first set and asked what luke and i were doing friday night. (friday being both mine and clee's birthday. woo hoo!) i told him pops was taking us (plus miriam and jenny) out for dinner and after that we didnt have plans. he insisted we hang out with the boys at the press box. ironically, this dive was around when my grandparents were dating. how cute. friday night we listened to a two man band, named "three", (dont ask), had a few drinks and enjoyed an evening outside with friends.