Friday, April 28, 2006

more than you care to know... part infinity.

<-- poached from fancy celeste.

1. first name? yes. oh you mean what is it? heather

2. were you named after anyone? my middle name (elizabeth) is shared by women on my maternal and paternal side. but the heather part, thats original.

3. when did you last cry? wow, thanks to zoloft, its been a while.

4. do you like your handwriting? sure

5. what is your favorite lunchmeat? anything in a moe's burrito

6. kids? god i hope not, or i mean, not yet. tlmc and i almost adopted a little foster kid off the news one night.

7. if you were another person, would you be friends with you? of course

8. do you have a journal? a little project called optimism

9. do you use sarcasm a lot? who me? never

10. do you still have your tonsils? yes

11. would you bungee jump? sure

12. what is your favorite cereal? honey nut cheerios

13. do you untie your shoes when you take them off? sometimes

14. do you think you are strong? i have my moments

15. what is your favorite ice cream flavor? me <-- not so much an ice cream fan

16. shoe size? 8.5ish

17. red or pink? red.

18. what is your least favorite thing about yourself? my forehead

19. who do you miss the most? pookie!

20. do you want everyone to send this back to you? I WANT COMMENTS!!!

21. what color pants and shoes are you wearing? eek! me <-- currently not wearing pants or shoes!

22. last thing you ate? fancy price's chicken coop

23. what are you listening to right now? loud birds outside

24. if you were a crayon, what color would you be? orange

25. favorite smell? the smell of fresh laundry on a boy

26. who was the last person you talked to on the phone? little amelia

27. the first thing you notice about people you are attracted to? smile

28. do you like the person who sent this to you? me <-- has crush on fancy celeste

29. favorite drink? alcoholic: margarita. virgin: sweet tea.

30. favorite sport? to watch: college football. to play: mind games.

31. eye color? poo

32. hat size? i did have the biggest cap size of my graduating high school class (ok so it was only 22 people so shoot me)

33. do you wear contacts? me <-- has fancy 20/15 vision

34. favorite food? mexican!

35. scary movies or happy ending? happy ending (still waiting on mine)

36. last movie you watched at the movies? the inside man

37. what color shirt are you wearing? green

38. summer or winter? um, i pick fall. so there.

39. hugs or kisses? me <-- famous for hugging, but i dont turn down either.

40. favorite dessert? chocolate anything.

41. what books are you reading? this page turner

42. what's on your mouse pad? fancy picture of tlmc and murray playing on my bed.

43. what did you watch on t.v. last night? emeril live on food network.

44. favorite sounds? ocean, laughter.

45. rolling stones or beatles? beatles

46. the furthest you've been from home? hawai'i

47. what's your special talent? being tone deaf.

48. when and where were you born? 5:57pm, presbyterian hospital, charlotte, nc.

49. who sent this to you? poached from fancy celeste.

self portrait a la camera phone

i'm obviously no where near as good at taking pictures of myself as fancy celeste, but i thought "practice makes perfect" right? hmm... this shot was just after getting my fancy hair cut. i'm not really sure what happened to the rest of my facial features. maybe i shouldnt be using 12 crest white strips a day.

the highlight of my day...errr.. night:
1:26am *phone rings*
me: "hello?"
mims (clearly inebriated): "HEY!"
me: "hey whats up?"
me: "oh, well, i was sleeping"
mims: "oh, well thats good. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
me: (sleepy laugh) "ha, i was sleeping, what are YOU doing?"
mims: "oh im out having a drink after my exam. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
me: "umm..."
mims: "oh thats right, sleeping. i was thinking about yooouuuu! i miss yooooouuuu! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!"
me: "i got my hair cut today"
mims (now more giggly): "awww... i bet its cute! i bet its short, but not too short and red but not too red"
me: "yeah, pretty much, im so predictable"
[short conversation about her pa]
mims: "ok well i was thinking about yooooouuuu! i miss you pookie!"
me: "i miss you too, good luck on the rest of your exams"
mims: "ok well go back to sleep."
me: "good night"

i love that girl.

Monday, April 24, 2006

saturday, in the park ♪

i know its been a while since i posted. last week was sort of hellacious. my work week (even though it ended at 1:30pm on friday) still consisted of 53 hours. needless to say, i was exhausted.

so this weekend i headed down to atl. nate (a good friend from g-dubb) was in town for rio's wedding. i haven't seen him in a year and a half and since i'm going to his wedding in michigan this summer, i thought it would be a good chance to catch up. saturday morning i met him at his swank hotel in buckhead and we had breakfast. after i dropped him off, i hit tjmaxx and dsw to shop for a fancy derby party hat and shoes. silly celeste decided to go for a run. pffft. i eventually met up with fancy celeste and her two fancy-ish kiddos, affectionately, drag and drama. after a fancy tour of casa pout and a mini-gorge fest at moe's (drag fell to my influence when he got to pick where we were going for lunch, drama was in timeout wearing his darth vader mask). then i got to meet fancy ej. *grin* she was every bit as lovely and chipper as i imagined. we hugged (because we're the hugging type) and she called me "q.c." i love how the internet is bringing people together. ej has a fancy house, and tried to convince me to buy the one next door so she could mentor me through the remodeling process. silly world saver salary probably won't cut it. maybe if i ever get a fancy hott handy-man/husband type???...
back to casa pout to pay jason the painter (ok and spend 3 minutes gawking at his hottness) and then it was off to lemonade days a fun arts and craft show along side a kiddie carnival at brook run park in dunwoody. here are a few pictures i took of the fun afternoon. there was much ride riding, playing and general being hotness (like the oven, not like celeste--that's with 2 t's). oh and then there was the whining.

and the pouting, don't forget the pouting! it was quite a fun afternoon. celeste and i intended to relax without the jimmies and with some adult beverages that evening. she however went to bed, and i vegged out on the couch and the petro-krueger house with pizza and some cabernet.

sunday morning i met nate again for breakfast and rode with him on fancy marta to the airport. after the long drive back to the q.c., i picked murray up from daycare and spent the rest of my sunday trying to uploaded the pictures from the weekend. its a total fluke there aren't any pictures of me, or more importantly me and celeste. we'll work on that.

Monday, April 17, 2006

come away ♪

start by clicking here for the soundtrack to this post*

i love a three day weekend. friday i was able to do all of the productive stuff, you know, laundry, cleaning, bill paying. friday night i went out with jennifer (potential new roommate). it was interesting. she and i have very little in common. after dinner at brixx, we went to a new bar downtown called cans. we met up with some of her “not really cool, but loaded guy friends” self-proclaimedly to score free drinks. she insisted on leaving before they started to expect social interaction in exchange for gifts of adult beverages. after hopping around to a few other places, we ended up at latorre’s on my recommendation for a little latin dancing. while she hung closely to the bar, i took my chances on the dance floor. i can’t dance, i know that, but i was determined to enjoy myself and escape the evil free drink scoring plot.

of course i spent most of saturday recovering. lounging in bed until the early afternoon. in an effort to redeem myself, i did eventually make it to the gym around 3pm. luke had mentioned to me the evening before that he and some friends were hanging out at his house on the lake saturday afternoon and that “clee” would be playing. now normally i can’t hang with luke’s crowd. they’re much too “rockstar” for me. big parties, big money, late nights, and some other recreational activities that i don’t so much fit in with. they’re always very gracious and friendly. coming up to greet and hug me whenever i make it into brixx. i know they only like me because luke makes them, but im ok with that. so alone, i made my way up to the lake. i opted for only one adult beverage. it didn’t matter. i was in heaven. i plopped down in a folding camping chair just a few feet in front of my favorite band. the breezes rolled in off lake norman and i lost myself in the sunset. i’ve seen them many times in bars and venues around town and now they were putting on a show just for me. tim the drummer and clee the lead, even made a few comments directly to me. i didn’t care that the beautiful people were milling around, smoking cigarettes, being cool and beautiful. i was as content as i could be. after the show, clee gave me a free cd. i told him and luke that i wanted a private show for my birthday (i think this is plenty reasonable since so many of my friends got to have weddings, dammit, i deserve a party too). luke patted me on the head and i went home early, leaving the rockstars to their own lives.

check out the band

Thursday, April 13, 2006

so betty

tlmc used to tell me that i could wear big jewelry because i had a big personality. hmm... not sure exactly how to take that. regardless, most of my collection is big and funky. so today i was feeling saucy--must be the warm weather... or the extra dose of allergy medicine i treated myself to this morning. so along with my very white button down shirt, black pants and favorite work shoes. i put on this little treasure. its made from kikui nuts. i bought it from an old man and his daughter camped on a secluded beach in kona hawaii. i wore it to stonewall, where one of the little darlings said i looked so betty. i said "thanks, i think". and he said "yeah for real like betty rubble from the flinstones". well, obviously he meant wilma. but whatever.

<-- not as good at taking fancy pictures of myself as fancy celeste.

could it be?

so i've been playing with the reverse stalking thing lately. and i've been getting visits from provo, utah. my heart fluttered. do you think it could be her?

Monday, April 10, 2006

monday monday, la la lalala♪

(hey look celeste! i put a music note there)

yay for murray for sleeping 8 hours last night! i'm sure glad that whole mess is behind us.

so this morning when i got to work, there were two suspicious pieces of mail in my box. "fema?!?! homeland security!?!? what on earth did i do now?!?!" was my initial response. evidently some training i completed when i first started my new fancy job, was part of a fema curriculum for "incident management systems". and i thought i was just doing my part to prepare for an avian flu (or hiv, whatever) epidemic. so i've been identified, branded, accepted and certified by homeland security! eek! i hope you all will still continue to love me. it was all so innocent. a little booklet on public health emergencies, a 25 question review test. *sniff*

this morning was full of all kinds of surprises. i also had to give a positive hiv result. yeah. he actually responded quite well, he wasnt surprised, his girlfriend of 12 years is positive but he just decided to get tested.

sorry. me <-- debbie downer

this evening i'm having "the talk" with said roommate. sigh.

i need a martini.

oh on a positive note. i was blessed with a visit from drag and drama and their hot mom yesterday. it was superfun! mostly celeste and i pieced together conversations about pedicures that should have been and our reverse stalking while playing referee as the kiddos ran about. i decided that the kids were a good distraction. since it was like we've been internet dating for months now and finally decided to meet, there was a lot of build-up. so now that all of the mystery is gone, i have to see if she still wants to "hang out". *fingers crossed*
<-- hoping for a second date

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

news flash

so this fancy news story happened less than a mile from my house today. road closings meant luke couldnt get here for murray's mid-day medicate/feed/potty time. he did eventually make it around 4:30pm. good thing i had class tonight, the roads opened up just 8 minutes before i left school. by then traffic was moving well. there are however still about 30 police cars on the scene.
<--careful not to speed

in other news: my brake light is stuck on (vw service man: "it happens just gotta flip a switch, i can fix it first thing tomorrow morning, we open at 7". me: "i'll be there at 6:45") . i fiddled around with the fuses, took out the one for the break and tail lights in an effort to preserve the battery until i can get to the vw dealer in the morning.

no follow-up on the yesterday's story that roommate can't pay her rent because her wedding is more important. i have put an add on but i'm currently begging tlmc to come home to me this summer.

murray update: murray is no longer on pain medicine. i do not suspect that he is in any pain, but the tranquilizing effects are certainly missed as weimaraners dont do well in confined areas.

thanks for tuning in.