Wednesday, February 28, 2007

from the buckle of the bible belt

so i thought things might get back to normal yesterday. finally, dad is able to mostly care for himself (except driving) so i'm at least living at my house now (for the first time in 24 days). the car is back from the doctors, and i got my hair did, about 2 months overdue (i can tell it must have been worse than i thought given the number of "wow, your hair looks so great today" comments i've received today). lovely.

i now measure the cost of EVERYTHING compared to its equivalent wedding cost.
tank of gas=1.5 wedding guest fed
chinese takeout=3 slices of wedding cake
car repair=2.3 chocolate fountains or 1.8 wedding dresses
can of diet coke=2 stamps (enough for 1 invitation)
hair cut and color (read:sanity)=deposit for d.j.
murray's overdue rabies vaccine=1 bridesmaids bouquet

the encouraging news is that if erik and i can continue this slightly above broke college student lifestyle for 4 years, we'll be in excellent financial shape for the rest of our lives. keep your fingers crossed he'll find a job.

yesterday a few nurses came back from lunch (mind you they've probably never left a 12 mile radius of the health department in their entire lives) and commented that "they're back!" excitedly. other veterans dashed out to see the spectacle outside of the grocery store with which we share a parking lot. girl scouts i thought, maybe even those people who stand outside to sell toys so that you can donate them to toys for tots. i shrugged, back to work, after all, i had poor decision makers to reform.

a few hours later as i made my way out to the car and noticed what can only be described as old time southern gospel (click to listen) blaring from speakers outside of bi-lo. i was befuddled. on my way out of the parking lot i drove the long way out to discover a middle aged man and wife (yep, her hair looks just like you'd imagine) singing with a full sound system and asking passers by if they knew jesus. a small crowd had parked their buggies and were enjoying the free concert followed by a brief invitation to join them for wednesday night service and covered dish dinner.

i laughed to myself. only here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

unfalling from the edge of the earth

before i start, yes, i know the video below is staged. still funny i think. and bravo to the young actress for getting her start on youtube.

sorry i've been m.i.a. for a while. dad had emergency eye surgery a few weeks ago, and i basically gave up life as i know it for a few weeks to care for him. detached retinas are very serious. here's hoping pops is better very soon.

in case you haven't heard (kristinfriend), there is a salmonella outbreak. peanut butter, bad, very bad. working in public health, i get to be at the forefront for serious terrorist threats like this. i'd tell you to google it for more information, but all you'll find is advertisements for lawyers trying to get their 30% off your misfortune. where they there for 30% of the diarrhea? ok. just checking.

in the true spirit of project optimism, here is a short visual lesson, from a new favorite website.

and a short note, erica and joe had their baby, addison mae was born on valentine's day. ready? all together now... "aww".