Thursday, June 29, 2006


i didnt technically finish the oreos, but i'm sure mims will finish them. because she's a good person and trying to save me from myself. and she will be here in just a few hours! i'm so excited, i can't stand it.

i'm leaving tomorrow morning for michigan for nate and erin's wedding. i know. another wedding. go figure. i'm very excited about this one. even if it is at 8am. those silly hippies. supposedly there is no cell phone signal or internet access up in the wilderness where the wedding is, so until then faithful readers.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

3 weeks ago, yesterday, next saturday. then i think im set until september. so many weddings. yesterday was luke's little brother's wedding. aaron and sunny are very cute. the wedding was short, personal and very informal. there was a lot of laughing and the crowd erupted into loud cheers as the newlyweds left the ceremony. it was great to see old high school friends and luke's family. it was however, a little awkward to babysit his girlfriend. usually i can count on luke to be my unattached date, we can quietly snark over free booze and sometimes he'd even let me drag him out on the dance floor. instead, i danced with luke's dad and the 4 year old ring bearer (he was a red-head, he didnt stand a chance).

so i was the oldest single gal out there to catch the bouquet. its like my loneliness was closing in on me from all angles. i graciously said my good-byes after the bride and groom left, slouched in the passat so no one would see me crying on the way home. its not even that i want to married, but with so many of my friends married, its hard sometimes. i'm just lonely living alone doesnt help either. if one more person tells me "it will happen when you least expect it" i think i might scream. i know this little project of mine is called optimism, but sometimes i cant help but look in the mirror and wonder what is wrong. i'm not a size 2, i dont put out on a first date and yeah, i have opinions about stuff. does that mean i'm unheartable?

thank god tlmc will be here soon.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

the hook brings you back

yesterday started out kind of rough. clinic was swamped. i pre-test counseled nearly a dozen people before lunch. several particularly sad cases, recovering heroine user (4 days clean--he came over from detox), 22, with 2 kids, wife left him and he was a cutter. nice guy, sad story.

i knew i had a middle school gig in the afternoon, i treated myself to moe's for lunch, i was in serious need of a pick-me-up and nothing says lovin' like a joey bag of donuts with fresh jalapenos.

i love working with the middle school kids, because when im making a list of body fluids, we say words like poo and snot. the teacher that schedules me for TRAIL (taking responsible actions in life) calls my "HIV 101" class, "a stand-up comedy routine". i like making the kids laugh, and i think they actually learn something.

after work i headed to gastonia to meet jenny, of "yay for jenny cartee pottery!" to pick up nate and erin's dishes. they registered for a whole set of fun jenny cartee pottery. some lucky friends are going to haul it up to michigan next week for their wedding.

on the way home i was jammin' out to my fancy cd from fancy celeste for winning the it pays to pay attention competition. as the sun set over my left shoulder and the temperature cooled to 87 degrees, i rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof and sang with my tone deaf self. i thought about how excited i am that miriam is coming to see me next week (and staying for a whole month!), how fun nate's wedding and weekend of fun on the u.p. will be, and how much i like jenny cartee and her fancy pottery. i pondered jenny's explanation of my fascination with all things star-like (she just read the da vinci code). i was definitely in a lala sing-along-with-the-instrumental-version-of-its-a-wonderful-world mood. and then i noticed a bright red billboard around the freedom drive exit. in simple white letters it said

"i pooted".

i laughed so hard i snorted. really.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

a poster girl with no poster

most of you have never seen this. but sometimes, when its so hot, the very thought of turning on the hair dryer could cause spontaneous combustion, i opt instead to let my hair do its own thing. and this is what usually, i touch it up with a little product, you know, to keep the frizz down, but this is completely natural.

a special thank you to the international eye candy provided by the world cup on espn 2 this morning, that kept me motivated for a near 2 hours of cardio.

tomorrow is father's day. i love you pops.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

something about soccer

so fancy celeste has another fun contest. its too late to submit entries. sorry. i, of course, know very little about soccer, well except for what tee taught me. i'm not ashamed to say that i chose my favorite teams based on best use of cheese in cuisine.

ole'! bravo!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

crack is whack!

we all have those little vices that sneak into our lives unexpectedly and render our willpower completely useless.

a few weeks ago, fancy celeste, mr. yuke, the kruegercelli's and i found ourselves victimized by the little morsels of heaven from chick-fil-a. after the fancy derby party, under the guise of "cleaning" the five of us devoured (what felt like) several thousand chick-fil-a nuggets (which were part of the kiddos buffet table)

"they're addictive" said fancy celeste
"make it stop" said miss lisa
"what do you think they put in them to make them so good?" asked mr. yuke
"CRACK!", shouted i.
thus, the crack-nuggets were named. giggles perpetuated by derby day delights were muffled only long enough to shove the next crack-nuggets in our mouths.

so what is your crack?