Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So, you’re right. I haven’t posted in like 6 months. And several of you have been very vocal about your disappointment. Lets recap what’s happened in the last 200 days shall we?

1. Erik moved to NC
2. Luke and Cassie got engaged
3. I planned a wedding
4. I officially entered my “late 20’s”
5. Went on funnest beach trip ever with 3 bridesmaids. Possibly the funnest (stop spell checking that word!) 4 days of my life. Here we are playing “America’s Next Top Model” –be afraid of the birds and the amazing shirts Miriam made for us.

6. Miriam turned 23
7. I got married

8. Clemson beat FSU
9. Luke and Cassie got married. Notice the sign. Prophetic don’t you think?

10. I gave my orange bridesmaid’s dress to Goodwill
11. Murray turned 5
12. Spent a lot of time in Chapel Hill
13. We got a bigger fancy patio

4. Miriam’s parents got chickens. The most noteworthy thing on my list. See what happens when you leave your parents unsupervised. They do crazy things like raise chickens.

15. I have TMJ
16. Charlotte has worst draught on record. Here’s my plan to help.

17. I got my hair all cut off
18. Jenny Cartee Pottery featured at the Southern Christmas Show
19. There are no new episodes of The Office left.

Right now I’m just killing time until the 4 day weekend. Life has been pretty busy lately. I’m looking forward to some downtime.


Lisa said...

Yay! You're back!

kristinfriend said...

yay yay yay! so many things to say yay about! see you soon~

amanda said...

Facebook killed your blog, huh?